Run Turkey Run

Thanksgiving Day morning. Downtown Billings, Montana.
The streets. The giving. The competition.
The fun. The refreshments.

The Cause: Hunger in our community

                Community Support Through Running
                                     Presented by Yellowstone Rim Runners

Volunteer Instructions

Each volunteer location on the course has its own set of instructions.  Find your assigned
location and click on the link in the table below.

Click on the map to see an enlerged version.


Link to Volunteer
Instructions (PDF)
1N. 29th St. & 2nd Ave.Click here
2N. Broadway & 2nd Ave.Click here
3N. Broadway & 3rd Ave.Click here
4N. 29th & 3rd Ave.Click here
5N. 30th & 3rd Ave.Click here
6N. 31st & 3rd Ave.Click here
7N. 32nd & 3rd Ave.Click here
8N. 33rd & 3rd Ave.Click here
9N. 34th & 3rd Ave.Click here
10Division & 3rd Ave.Click here
111st St. West & ClarkClick here
122nd St. West & ClarkClick here
133rd St. West & ClarkClick here
144th St. West & ClarkClick here
155th St. West & ClarkClick here
166th St. West & ClarkClick here
177th St. West & ClarkClick here
187th St. West & YellowstoneClick here
196th St. West & YellowstoneClick here
205th St. West & YellowstoneClick here
214th St. West & YellowstoneClick here
223rd St. West & YellowstoneClick here
232nd St. West & YellowstoneClick here
241st St. West & YellowstoneClick here
25Division & 2nd Ave.Click here
26N. 34th & 2nd Ave.Click here
27N. 33rd & 2nd Ave.Click here
28N. 32th & 2nd Ave.Click here
29N. 30th St. & 2nd Ave.Click here


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2013 Road Runners Club of America State Championship Mile

Run Turkey Run